Started young in early 2017, we started as a small team of event planning professionals and promoters with an idea of combining knowledge and skills to introduce creative approaches to the events industry.

Our proficiency, vision, intuition and creativity propel our team to reach more fans across all media platforms in order to deliver a greater significance to entertainment culture.

Gifted and talented creators of original and iconic event ideas alike trust us to get the most out of their brands. As we move forward, we will continue to discover, craft and cultivate the next generation of events and the next prodigious ways to drive them even further.


White Owl Is A Progressive Management & Entertainment Service. Company In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; Specializing In All Aspects Of Public & Private Event Management; Talent Management, And Production Services.

White Owl’s Scope Of Work Involves Concept Development, Creative Direction, Strategic Marketing, Brand Management, Public Relations, Event Execution And A Wide Selection Of Live Entertainment.

Fuelled By Passion And Unique Ideas, White owl’s Professionals Invests Excessive Attention To Details; To Provide Audiences And Clients With A Well-Rounded Entertainment Experience.

The Name


We realize the name might come as a bit shocking to some people so we thought we should explain…

Think about it, universally, the owl is a pure majestic bird with a lot of pride. Considered to be the symbol of wisdome in many cultures.

White owls are extremly rare and blue eyed ones are of the rarest hence comes the name.

White Owl events is unique, innovative and original yet wise and skilled just like a great white owl of the wilds…


Our Vision Is To Become The Leading Entertainment Solutions Provider For Our Client’s Unique Requisitions World Wide. 


Our Mission Is To Create & Develop A Turnkey All Inclusive Management Company That Has An Established Network Of Leading Vendors And Third Party Suppliers worldwide, Enabling White Owl To Execute Impactful, Effective And Memorable Creations For Clients as a Local Saudi company. 



  • Enhance the Art and Entertainment scene in Saudi Arabia and the region.
  • Create exceptional Public and Private Events, develop our talents and local artists to reach international standards, and produce content for the heart, soul and brain through exceptional productions.
  • Enhance The Brand Image Of Our Clients, Representing Their Products And Services In Alignment With Their Corporate Guidelines,  Targeting Their Niche Markets And Providing A High Return Of  Investments.
  • Develop WhiteOwl’s image in the market to be admired for its values, ethics and professionalism.